Track infections, not people.

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This is how it works

ito is a privacy-first contact tracing app to fight SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens. It uses Bluetooth to recognize which people are in your area and saves the information on your device. If someone from this history is reported as infected, your smartphone calculates your probability of infection and provides you with appropriate recommendations of action.

If you have been tested positive yourself, you will receive a code from the health department that you can enter in the app. Your pseudonymized ID will then be uploaded together with the verification of the positive test. All users download the latest information at regular intervals to compare the data locally on their devices. When the device of a person who has been in contact with you recognizes this pseudonymized ID, they will be informed - without the actual identity being revealed.

ito is made by people like you

ito emerged as part of a grassroots initiative in March 2020. Since then, we have been joined by many other interested individuals, professionals and companies. As part of the TCN coalition we are working together with other like minded teams around the world.


It matters how it's done

Privacy by design

User anonymity is a core feature, not an afterthought.

Usable worldwide

Built with every human in mind, ito can be used by all health systems in the world.


We have the same interests as you. ito only ever sends sensitive data if you tell it to do so.


Examine our code, copy it and use it wherever you want.

Free as in freedom

Don't just keep your changes to yourself. Stay transparent!

Fast installation

Simply deploy a few Docker containers and you're all set.

We work 100% transparently

Because we mean it when we say we want to help the world stay safe, every part of our code is open-source.

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